Investment Manager (terminal line)


Minimum education:


Number of recruits:


Experience requirements:


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the comprehensive work of the company's terminal products in the region and complete the sales indicators issued by the department;

2. Responsible for the management of the original customers in the region to promote customers to increase product coverage and sales;

3. Customer investment in the blank market in the region;

4. Under necessary circumstances, responsible for the academic promotion of the product of the agent or its business personnel and the personnel of all links;

5. Complete other reasonable tasks arranged by the company's leadership and head of the department.

job requirements:

1. Full -time college or above, medicine (better in western medicine) or marketing related majors;

2.2 years of experience in the clinical line of medicine and sales, and experience in western medicine diabetes and proprietary Chinese medicine cardiovascular and cerebrovascular investment promotion sales experience is better;

3. Familiar with the sales process of the pharmaceutical terminal, you have a certain understanding of the situation in charge of the regional market;

4. Personality, confident sunshine, pragmatic and stable, strong affinity, professional dedication, teamwork spirit, positive and optimistic, passionate work attitude, good at communication with people, honesty, good image, good language organization, Mandarin in Mandarin Standard fluent, it is better to understand regional dialects;

5. Grasp the relevant policies responsible for regional drug sales, understand what competitors are there in the region and understand the basic situation of competitors and products, familiar with the relevant laws and regulations of drug management, have certain market analysis capabilities, customer negotiation communication capabilities.

product description:

Polyceride preferred medicine -pioglidone, heart -brain -brain, gold single product -Yixinone decentralized tablets. These two products have their huge customer groups in the chain terminal and clinic terminals. Academic support and follow -up services, people with insight are welcome to join, and we are not as good as acting. We look forward to your arrival and create a new era of terminals.